Shiprock, NM

Going to Shiprock to photograph the landscape has been something I have wanted to do for some time.  I never knew about this beautifully dramatic landscape, even though I grew up very close to it, until I saw the work of William Clift on display at the Phoenix Art Museum.  His work shows similarity between this landscape and the castle on the beach of Mont St Michel in France.  It was such a great experience to explore this natural masterpiece, time to plan a trip to France!


Texas | July 2018

I had been looking forward to Summer 2018 because we were heading out to visit the In-laws in Texas and I have always loved the lone star state.  There are so many wonderful small towns and that makes me feel right at home.  There is so much character found in every corner and I enjoy exploring all the interesting landscapes.  This was also the last trip that I shot using instant film on a Polaroid 600se which was a bitter sweet end to my work using this medium.