One of my favorite mining towns ever.  Superior Arizona is a really neat place.  Tucked up into the desert mountains it keeps a bygone era alive.  I have seen this car a few times and actually got to meet the owner once when I photographed the car driving and the owner stopped to ask what I was doing so we got a great portrait of him with his car.  This time I was out photographing buildings when I saw the car drive by.  I had some really slow speed film (Cinestill 50D)  in camera that I was using with a tripod since it was evening light but I shot a frame handheld and hoped anything would turn out.  I was so happy with the shot when I got the scans back from the lab.  I was especially excited to get the negatives back and work it into some darkroom processes.  Unfortunately I sent my film to be processed at The FIND Lab where they ended up throwing the negatives out.  Such a bummer to have my originals gone forever.



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